Archive SkyDrive with 7Zip

One of the down-sides of the new cloud sharing platforms is that you often don’t have a backup other than the recycle bin. (Dropbox does offer a PackRat feature.) I decided to do a little experiment with 7zip to see how I could create my own SkyDrive Archive.

  • First of all most of the cloud storage Giants have a file size upload limit, so we will need to break apart larger folders.
  • Download 7zip Command Line Utility.
  • Create a Folder Named Batch under your C:Drive.
  • Place the 7Zip Download file in the C:Batch Folder.
  • Also in the C:Batch folder make a new .txt document and save it as 7zip.bat.
  • Paste the following text in the 7zip.bat document:


cd /D C:UsersUserOneDrive
for /d %%X in (*) do C:Batch7za9207za.exe u “F:Backups%%X.7z” “%%X” -y -mx9 -mmt -wf:temp

  • Replaced the italicized   C:SkyDrive  with the path to your SkyDrive Folder.
  • The %%X  is a folder name wildcard. (So whatever the name is in the source folder, call it that in the destination folder.)
  • Save and run the batch file!
  • More helpful commands and their explanations can be found at the links below:


Sync SkyDrive with Google Drive using RoboCopy

  • Install SkyDrive & Google Drive to their respective directories on your PC.
  • Backup your files before running any test batch files!
  • Create a batch file using a text document and saving it as .bat.
  • WARNING! The following fie is a mirror and can both add files and remove files from the destination Directory.
  • Paste the following text into the batch file:

@echo on
robocopy C:SkyDrive “D:GoogleDriveSkyDrive” /MIR /TEE /r:0 /w:0 /log:”C:Skydriverobocopy.txt”

  • The /MIR switch creates a Mirror of your SkyDrive in your Google Drive Folder.
  • The /TEE ensures you see the Output of the files in the console.
  • /r:0 & /w:0 reduce the wait and retry time delay to 0.
  • /log:”genericnameforlogfile.txt” outputs the entire console to a text document.