Here is a Solution for Mac’s Built-in VNC Server being View-only from a VNC Viewer Apps & opening to the Lock Screen

I enabled screen sharing and a VNC Password on my Mac. I thought I could use Apps like RealVNC, Teleport, Mocha Vnc or Remote Ripple to connect.

However each time I removed in I was greeted with a lock screen and no mouse control. The session was view-only. Each time I typed I heard the error tone in the Background.

I got the un-typeable lock screen  and password box even was I was in active session. And with it being View-only there was no way to type in my Password.

I figured out the issue. The solution to getting a View Only lock screen when using a VNC Viewer to connect to Mac OSX Built-in VPN is to:

  1. Go to Screen Sharing –> Computer settings and un-check the two boxes. THe first says Anyone may request permission to control this screen. The second says VNC viewers may control this screen with a password. Both of these must be unchecked. (the opposite of what you would expect.)
  2. For security in the lower section set it to allow access for only the users you select.

In summary this must be a bug, because enabling the VNC Viewer setting is supposed to allow you to use VNC to connect to your MAc. In reality disabling these settings actually allows you to connect.

Thanks to CullenJ and BrandenRaider int his thread…

Click the Computer Settings button and Disable these:

After disabling these boxes in Computer Settings, set your permissions for the VNC user based on a Mac User Account:

This should enable what is known as Apple Screen Sharing which makes the user enter both a username and password.


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