Making Bang Olufsen audio Sound Good in Chrome on Spectre x360 15t

I was trying to stream in Chrome from some online streaming websites.

The audio sounded really bad, sort of shrill and tinny so i wanted to share two things I learned.

I then learned there are multiple speakers in the Laptop and they support the 5.1 Multi Channel Surround”.

  1.  If you are streaming Audio in your browser like Chrome, you are not getting the New “Multi Channel Surround” experience. This is because Chrome defaults to just “Stereo” not “Multi Channel Surround”. If you folow the instructions in this article you can set chrome to start in Multi Channel Surround mode. What you need to do is basically launch Chrome with this text behind the target in the Shortcut ” –disable-audio-output-resampler.
  2. Reinstalling the Realtek Drive, thought perfunctory, and then setting the BO app to something like “Movie” seemed to help as well. Do NOT enable Windows  Sonic Spatial Sound when using the Laptop speakers. You can turn it on when using other speakers.

So the moral of the story is if you listen to music in a browser you need to enable the Mutli Channel Sound in the browser. (There is also probsably like this feature built into your music player app).



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