Issues with the Apple Mac Ecosystem

After using a Mac for a couple years, I just wanted to list some things I feel Apple needs to focus on. Apple Hardware quality remains outstanding and reliable and I love it. Where Apple is struggling is in MacOS and in Cloud offerings. Also some of these issues have lingering Radars that are not getting worked on.

  • Make iWork a true Business Solution. Do any businesses actually use Pages and Numbers in iCloud? This feature falls far behind other similar offerings like Google Docs or Office365.
  • Fix Parental Controls in El Capitan and newer. Parental Controls have not worked properly for several years.
  • The Mac Mail App needs stability improvements, especially when copy and moving mail between mailboxes.
  • Make iCloud Drive a true DropBox like solution. Currently a lot of File Sharing, Video Streaming features do not exist in iCloud Drive. Also the iCloud site sometimes has uptime problems.
  • The 1.4 ghz and 2.6ghz 5200rpm HD models of Mac minis are under-powered. They are not up to the demands of Modern Computing.
  • iCloud Sync for Windows does not work consistently. Windows users would really appreciate if iCloud Drive for windows would allow the temp directory to be moved and include a bandwidth throttle.



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