Review of Acronis TrueImage Premium Backup Features

A Little Backup History:
I originally started out like most folks and backed up to a cd or flash drive.
Then online backup became popular.
More recently there are cloud file sharing services which serve as backups to a degree.
But what if all you items on the cloud drive become deleted?
And what do you do if you want to quickly recover from a HD drive failure or migrate to a new PC?
Can you wait three days for all your files to be restored and downloaded for three days grinding your internet to a halt?
Windows 7 built in backup was fairly straightforward, but what about Windows 8.1?
Or maybe the solution is to write yourself a nifty xcopy batch file

Then there is the need for syncing files on different PC’s. You can use Microsoft’s Sync Toy or use a Robocopy batch file.

Then the occasional need to clone an HD or that new SSD?

Well after years of trying all the free solutions, I purchased Acronis  Premium and am really impressed.
1. It has bare metal backup and recovery of data and system partitions.
2. You can also burn a rescue disc which lets you start recovery from any available media with a backup on it.
3. It supports network and USB drives.
2.It has file backup with all kinds of schemes from Incremental to Differential to Full with Incremental being default and supports versioning.
3. Since World Backup Day is coming up Acronis is giving away 250GB of cloud storage with a purchase. The online backup is seamlessly integrated into the software just like everything else. A cloud portal and phone apps let you access your files on the go. And the backup is fairly fast.
4. Acronis comes with a default sync folder which is shared by your three PC’s separately from your other  backup schemes. It is like a briefcase everyone can work out of. Also you can sync directories across the network as well. When directory A is updated Directory B receives the changes and vice-versa. This works nice for syncing two cloud storage accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox.
5. A lot of extra disc tools are included of which the most important is the cloning tool in my opinion. Clone to that new HD in a couple simple screens.

I am just really impressed. This really seems like a fully featured, yet “set it and forget it system”. Acronis TrueImage Premium provides multiple backup configuration, methods and  schemes to meet the needs of the majority of users.


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